[Publication] The Highway West

My modern dark fantasy novel The Highway West is now available on Amazon in Kindle and Print formats. If you enjoy stories about magic, modern mythology, and salty characters, then this is the book for you.  The rest review I’ve read so far describes it as Supernatural meets Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Eighteen-years ago, Bill Carver chose to surrender his magic to protect his son. He paid the price for that decision with his life. Now Nathan Carver is about to graduate high school and leave behind his hometown forever when his ne’er-do-well Uncle Marty reappears to fulfill a sacred promise. He just wants to attend college and build a life, but Marty promises to show him the world—and reveal his father’s magical legacy.

Nathan possesses a rare talent — he can maintain the Great Barrier, a mystical shield that is all that stands between the world and the ancient horrors of the universe known as the Old Ones. This legacy means that some will want to control him, and others will want to murder him. Together, Nathan and Marty take a spiritual road trip across the country: the Highway West.

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


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