[Publication] History and Mystery Oh My!


My short story “Amontillado Kisses” appears this month in the e-anthology History and Mystery, Oh My (Mystery and Horror, LLC, January 2015)

This story is a revisit of Poe’s classic tale “The Cask of Amontillado” but with a wildly different interpretation of the motive of this revenge tale.

Teaser: Step back in time with History and Mystery, Oh My! All the stories in this anthology are set at least fifty years before publication. Turn back the clock and find out why Caruso’s tailor could never claim the famous tenor as a client. Walk with Caravaggio as he examines his friend’s fall from the dome of Santa Maria del Popolo. Learn why filming of Flash Gordon was halted in 1942. Turn a page and lose yourself in Victorian London or tangle with WWII spies in small town America. Featuring stories by Edith Maxwell, Jason Andrew, and Harriette Sackler.

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