Midwinter Gaming Convention 2015 Schedule

I love Midwinter Gaming Convention.  It is quickly becoming the little convention that could, striving to make itself the mecca of LARP conventions.

This is my schedule for MGC 2015.


Storyteller Bootcamp Workshop: Saturday, 1/17/2015 at 9-10 am CST at Wright Ballroom

Intimidated by the thought of running a LARP for the first time? Interested in brushing up on your LARP management skills? Come to the Storyteller Boot Camp where we’ll run through common methods of organizing a LARP, managing crowds, and helpful immersion techniques. In additional, we’ll discuss useful tips for narrative techniques, tricks for generating the types of plots that work best in the LARP environment, and ways to engage your players.


Service LARP Event: Saturday, 1/17/2015 at 4:30-7:30pm CST at Walker Ballroom

Service is an American Freeform LARP written by Shoshanna Kessock of Phoenix Outlaw Productions. Players are thrust into a dystopian future (fifteen minutes in the future) where an endless war has forced the world to reinstitute the draft. This game is about war, the loss of personal freedom, and ultimately violence and death. This scenario may include adult language and grim situations. Player discretion is advised.   Character sheets will be generated during play. Players should come to the event dressed as civilians that have been dropped off at a recruitment station.  The resolution system is simple and elegant and will be explained at the game.

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