Cover for The Highway West

I’ve long thought that modern writers have to master hybrid models incorporating traditional publishing and self-publishing to find their place in the ever-shifting sands of modern markets.  Thus far, I’ve only packaged reprinted short stories and single author collections. The truth is that I’ve been terrified of fully leaping into the muck because it is such a crapshoot to find an audience without a solid brand name publisher behind you.

The market has changed and I don’t think anyone can really predict with any sort of accuracy what will happen in the future. I realized earlier this year that it was time for me to finally wade into the muck and quit daydreaming about that magical independent success.

This is the cover to my pending novel The Highway West designed by Mark Kelly.  Special thanks to Jen “Loopy” Smith for editing this mess of a novel into something readable and maybe even special.

More information about the release date for The Highway West as it settles, but I am hoping for the Fall of 2014.


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