[Hugo Nominations] Congratulations to Galen Dara

Congratulations to Galen Dara for her Hugo Nomination in the Best Professional Artist category.  We were very lucky to have Galen work on the cover for The Future Embodied and can only imagine a wonderful and bright future for her.


The Future Embodied – An anthology of speculative stories exploring how science and technology might change our bodies and what it means to be human. Imagine what our ancestors a mere hundred years ago would have thought of the modern world. Experience the future as imagined via nineteen powerful voices envisioning what we might become. Including stories from: William F. Nolan, David Gerrold, Ree Soesbee, Jennifer Brozek, Katrina Nicholson, Nghi Vo, Jennifer R. Povey, Sarah Pinsker, Thomas Brennan, Miles Britton, Megan Lee Beals, Lauren C. Teffeau, Shane Robinson, John Skylar, Preston Dennett, Alexandra Grunberg, Wayne Helge, and Holly Schofield. 

Buy from Amazon  / B&N (coming soon) / Kobo (coming soon) / Smashwords


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