Engines of the Broken World by Jason Vanhee

Jason Vanhee was my first Seattle friend. I moved Seattle not knowing that my first wife would soon leave me alone in the Emerald City. I met him at a Mind’s Eye Society game and generously extended the hand of friendship and suddenly I knew someone that was warm and generous to a fault. We shared a love of telling stories and strongly encouraged each other to write.

Fast forward many years later, we start writing novels independently. We encouraged each other in workshops. When I wrote my first real novel, Abigail’s Dragon, he was the person I first wanted to read it.  We grew apart over the years, but reconnected recently via Facebook.


Tonight I attended Jason’s reading of his new novel Engines of the Broken World from Henry Holt and Co.  He read the first chapter and I was amazed by the words.  Jason Vanhee has slaved away at his craft and become a brilliant storyteller.  Please buy this book and support an amazing person and talent.

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