The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in the Beauty of Their Dreams: LA by Night 2013

Eleanor Roosevelt spoke the truth.  The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.  


Eleanor Roosevelt was a Betty back in the day!

A week from now I shall be flying to LA By Night to storyteller with the rest of the By Night Studios Development Team to run Blood and Betrayal: Secrets of the Gray Ghost at LA by Night 2013.

A week from now marks the two-year anniversary of a drunk, dreamy conversation with the mighty Jason Carl.

Location: New Orleans: Bourbon Street: a dirty street curb next to a drunk vomiting.
Date: Late September, Grand Masquerade 2011
The Time: Late Saturday night or very early Sunday morning depending upon your perspective.

Jason Carl and I stepped outside of the Grand Masquerade celebration hoping for a bit of air and a chance to catch up on the weekend’s event.  We had just finished running aspects of Grand Masquerade 2011.  Mr. Carl managed all of the games over the weekend.   I ran the Camarilla venue for the MES across two nights, two different locations each night.  It was called the Game of Salons and it might have been my best performance as a storyteller.


See that curb right there under the baloney?  That’s were I was sitting trying not to vomit in front of my friend.

We were drunk on booze and high on the thrill that can only be known by storytelling for amazing players that leave everything out on the field.  For a few hours, we touched hearts and that was special.

Jason Carl finished looked up at the moon.  “You know that I fear hubris more than anything else, but wouldn’t it be great to one day do this for a living?”  That night we did more than share a few words.  We dreamed together.

Two years later, we’re preparing for Blood and Betrayal: Secrets of the Gray Ghost.  The first game for the new Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade.

It has been a long strange journey.  Jason Carl reminded me of this while we were comparing notes this morning and I wanted to give mad props to everyone on the BNS Development Team and the lessons they taught me.

  • Jason Carl reminded me that it is always better to prepare for the worst
  • Ree Soesbee taught me that words can be succinct and elegant, but still beautiful.
  • Kevin Millard showed me that there are always more than five ways to resolve a problem and that mathematics is scary when applied properly.
  • Jen “Loopy” Smith reminded me that attitude, professionalism, and determination can overcome nearly any challenge.

I’ve been reading through comments about Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade surprised, relieved and gleeful that people I respect, adore, and love are enjoying the new project.

It all feels unreal as though I’ve been kidnapped and dragged to Oz or Midian.  My stomach hasn’t been settled in a week.  I always get terribly nervous before running a convention game.  I had a dream about Blood and Betrayal: Secrets of the Gray Ghost that involved breaking my toe on a prop from one of the plots.

I’ve been watching friends and new friends working on their characters amazed by their energy and excitement.  The true magic of a game resides in the players.  I know the community at LA by Night is ready to make this event special.  I just hope that I can keep up with all of you.

Once more into the breach, dear friends.


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