The Future Embodied: Table of Contents

future embodied WIP 2

Here is the tentative TOC for the Future Embodied (Note: The order of the ToC has yet to be decided.)

Table of Contents

Guest Stars
“A New Man” by William F. Nolan (Logan’s Run)
“Crystallization” by David Gerrold (Star Trek: The Trouble With Tribbles, The War Against
The Chtorr, and Star Wolf)
“Faces in Revolving Souls” by Caitlin R Kiernan (The Drowning Girl: A Memoir, Daughter of Hounds, Silk)

“Autoimmune” by Katrina Nicholson
“A Memory of White Flowers” by Nghi Vo
“For the Children” by Jennifer R. Povey
“Headlong” by Sarah Pinsker
“The Memory of Water” by Thomas Brennan
“Mother’s Little Helpers: A Memoir” by Miles Britton
“No Such Color as Indigo” by Megan Lee Beals
“Resonance” by Lauren C. Teffeau
“Resonant” by Ree Soesbee
“Saturday Night at the Sickbar” by Shane Robinson
“Sixty Thousand Dollars Per Hour” by Leighland Feinman
“Tears, Not of a Child” by Preston Dennett
“The Bathory Clinic Deal” by Jennifer Brozek
“Tezt Messages” by Alexandra Grunberg
“Toca La Guitarra” by Wayne Helge
“Trash Talk” by Holly Schofield

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