Story Publication: Daughters of Icarus

IcarusMy story “The Sky God’s Daughter” appears in this delightful anthology.  Sometimes, as a writing exercise, I try to imagine how other writers might tell a particular story.  The inspiration for this story was Neil Gaiman.   Special thank you to Kerry Beckett and Lisa Andrew for discussing a lot of the details for this story.

Check out Daughters of Icarus at:

Daughters of Icarus
New Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy

What can women tell us about the world? In this new collection of science fiction, a stunning assembly of authors explore the work laid before the daughters of Icarus, left behind after the prideful fall. Whether the worlds they imagine are hopeful of desolate, each sheds new light on the possibilities of feminism. Daughters of Icarus is a bold exploration of the present, past and future.

Featuring 28 stories by Therese Arkenberg, A.A. Balaskovits, Thoraiya Dyer, Joanna Fay, AJ Fitzwater, Caren Gussoff, Zachary Jernigan, Jennifer Linnaea, Douglas Ogurek, E. Catherine Tobler, and many more.

Cover design by Rose Mambert. Cover photo by Jordan Tao Mambert.

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