Novel: The Maelstrom of Forever

maelstrom_cover_FlatI wrote this crowd-funded novel under the original title Dylan and the Dream Pirates in 2007.   This novel was a wonderful learning experience.  Following the advice of Dean Wesley Smith, I’ve decided to make it available once again.

The Maelstrom of Forever follows the adventures of a boy named Dylan recovering from the death of his mother in modern day Seattle. An accidental meeting with the mythical Lost Boys throws him into a world of magic and wonder as he must locate Peter Pan’s lost treasure to save his best friend Kevin from a magical disease known as the Taint. Dylan risks everything to save his friends and learn the secret his father has been keeping from him.

Along the way, there are pirates, talking cats, living ships, giant snakes, vampires, and other weirdness.

Available at:
Barnes and Noble

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