Reprint Megapacks Release

I have been following Dean Wesley Smith‘s blog for a while now.  I’ve decided to follow some of his advice.  The first step was to ensure that some of my old stories were still generating income via two fiction megapacks.

Fiction Megapacks are short e-books that contain five to eight reprint short stories centered around a theme.  These megapacks are available at Amazon, Nook, Apple Store, and kobo.


Scheherazade Cast in Starlight: A Collection of Social Science Fiction Stories
Scheherazade Cast in Starlight is a collection of social science fiction stories by that examine how advances in science and technology might change the human condition and the societies and universes we might create in the future.


Darkly Dreaming in Black Waters: A Collection of Lovecraftian Horror
The immortal H. P. Lovecraft might have had a limited readership during his lifetime, but his shadow stretches long to modern nights and beyond. Darkly Dreaming in Black Waters is a collection of horror stories inspired by the great and terrifying themes of Lovecraft’s fiction.

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