My January 2013 Calendar

The real problem with a vacation is that work and inspiration attacks you when you least expect it. Writing is the fun part of being a writer. The less fun aspect is to prepare task lists and figure out what you can do and what you can’t. This is a light month. This is the slow period as far as I can tell where I typically start a longer project.

I’ve tallied the following list of projects that need progression by the end of this month:

1. Review spreadsheet to see which of my backlog stories are being lazy and find appropriate venues in which to submit them. I suspect I have five or so decent stories ready for submission.

2. Edit “A Dream of a Country Cottage” and submit by 1/15

3. Revise Proof of Concept Chapter for Not-So-Secret Project by 1/6

4. If concept is approved for urban fairy anthology, write short story by 1/31

5. If concept is approved for media project, write short story by 2/20

6. Prepare for Interactive Writing Workshop for Midwinter Gaming Convention

7. Write mythos fantasy story by 2/15

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