2013 Writing Plans and Submission Assessment

I’ve always felt an infinity for the number 13.  It might be because of my name, but I’ve never suffered from triskaidekaphobia.


Let me show you how I cut the fat from my stories!  bwa-ha-ha-ha!

This morning, I created a tab for 2013 submissions.  2012 might be over, but it won’t be forgotten.  There are nine submissions pending from last year.  A couple of those submissions have my stomach turning into knots due to the anxiety and excitement.

The first three months of 2013 look like they could be quite busy.  I have four short stories to write.  Two of them were requested by the editors.  One of them is for a media property I spent a good deal of time with as a child while eating cereal huddled in front of my grandparents’ old TV.  I was asked to submit to a second media property, but with great reluctance  I had to turn them down.  I wasn’t quite familiar with the property and it was in a genre I haven’t written for a good deal in the past.

There are three anthologies from a particular editor that I would kill to get accepted for.  One of the anthologies has already been submitted for.  I’m working on #2 this afternoon.  This editor is pretty magical and somehow makes me nervous even though he is nothing but kind.  If I manage to get into even one of the anthologies, I will consider it a major victory.

The Secret Project that I’ve been waiting on for more than a year has started to move forward.  Today, I actually started writing words for a proof of concept chapter.  It felt magical.

The Future Embodied opens for general submissions on March 1st 2013.  I am naturally very excited to be editing again with Mae Empson.  I’m very pleased by the solicited stories thus far.  Next week, Mae and I will have our next formal editor meeting to compare notes, plan our kickstarter, and get ready for general submissions.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be running my interactive writing workshop at Midwinter Gaming Convention.  I need to prepare the exercises and handouts for the targeted anthologies.

Once I clear out a couple of projects, I plan to write a short horror novel titled Salvation Heights.

bluesThis is how every writer imagines himself before he starts a project.  This is before the bitter tears.

I am excited and hopeful for the new year.  I look forward to the challenges and pitfalls.  I’m feeling good about the world of possibilities.

Now I just need to sell this next story!

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