A Year of Writing Roundup

I spent many years dabbling at writing.

I chased what seemed interesting without an actual plan.  I wrote only when I felt like it.  I wanted to reach the next level.  I wanted to learn to write well consistently.  I knew that 2012 would be the last year before I turned 40.  What would happen to me if I didn’t really try at least once?

hunter_s_thompson_by_moritatThe ghost of future’s past haunting me telling me I’d regret life or would pretend to be Hunter S. Thompson and never write.

I realized that if I really wanted a career in writing fiction that I would need to work at it as a second job.  I resolved that for the year 2012 I would break through to the next level and to do that I needed to apply the lessons learned from my fifteen years as a technical writer to the task.

This required a higher level of discipline.  I reduced my time spent on other hobbies.  I ensured that work was done before play.   I planned break weekends and date night with the wife to ensure I had a life that sustained long-term writing.

The year started out very well.  Ellen Datlow released her Honorable Mention list for the best horror of 2011.  Datlow is considered by many to be the gatekeeper editor for the horror genre.  My story “Moonlight in Scarlet” published in Cover of Darkness made the list.  I was over the moon as you might imagine.


They say any monkey can write

Thanks to the encouragement of friends, I started attending conventions for the purposes of learning the trade and making contacts.

zombiesAnd you thought your conventions were scary!

I started teaching a formalized version of a series of lessons I’ve gone through with friends at convention.

Interactive Writing Workshop:

  • XX Con (Seattle, February 2012)

I had previously dabbled with working with role-playing games, but this year I moved forward in a big way.  I worked on revisions for games that I played in college.  It felt very surreal.

RPG Work:

  • V20: Hunters Hunted 2 (The Onyx Path, Publishing Date TBA)
  • Anarchs Unbound (The Onyx Path, Publishing Date TBA)
  • Secret Project A (NDA prevents me from discussing it yet).
  • Secret Project B (NDA prevents me from discussing it yet).


I started an editing project with Mae Empson.

future embodied WIP 2

 We’re going to be accepting submissions for The Future Embodied early next year.

Fiction Writing:

I wrote more fiction this year than ever before.  I managed to make it into a new of awesome anthologies.  Next year, I am eligible for active membership in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.  I need one more professional sale for horror to make it into the Horror Writers Association.

Here are some metrics.  I should note that a majority of my written work for the later half of this year is still pending review.


  • A Wicked Messenger (90,000 words)

Short Stories:

  • 25 New Short Stories, 10 Edited/Revised Storied

New Stories Published in 2012:

  • Darkly Dreaming in Black Waters; Night Terrors II, (Blood Bound Books, January 2012)
  • Recovery; IN SITU (Dagan Books, August 2012)

Story Reprints:

Short Story Collection:

Stories Sold for Publication in 2013:

  • “A Funeral Pyre for a Jarl” will appear in the anthology Horrific History from Hazardous Press (Publishing Date TBA)
  • “A Simple Job” will appear in the anthology Urban Occult from Anachron Press (Publishing Date TBA)
  • “Yellow is the Color of the Future” will appear in the anthology Atomic-Age Cthulhu from Chaosium Books (Publishing Date TBA)
  • “The Calm of Despair” will appear in the anthology Suffered from the Night: Queering Stoker’s Dracula from Lethe Press (Publishing Date June 2013)
  • “Unto the Breach” will appear in Dragonthology from Untold Press (Publishing Date TBA)
  • Murder on the Feng Shui Express” will appear in the Spring 2013 issue of Tales of the Talisman.
  • “The New Gods of the Lost Children” will be reprinted in The Dark Side of the Womb: Suffer the Little Children by Cruentus Libri Press.  (Expected Publishing Date Spring 2013)
  • “The Value of a Year’s Worth of Tears and Sorrow” will appear in Coins of Chaos from EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing in late 2013
  • “The Day The Laughter Survived” appears in Shelter of Daylight from Sams’s Dot Publishing in late 2013
  • “Lessons Learned From My 5th Attempt to Conquer the World” will appear in Stupefying Stories
  • “The Sky God’s Daughter” will appear in the anthology Daughters of Icarus from Pink Narcissus Press.
  • “Zombie Walk” will appear in the anthology Nasty Snips II from Pendragon Press.


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