A Random Sunday in the Life of a Writer

Despite the random ups and down, I’ve had a pleasant Sunday.

Last week, I had the mutant death-plague.  I felt like crap for days.   This morning, I started to feel better.  Sadly, my wife started not feeling well.  I went out to purchase tasty Subway for lunch and then discovered a flat tire.  I knew that said tire was bad, but I hadn’t had time to replace it.  I had wanted to do it on Saturday where the less expensive places were open, but alas Lisa had to make a trip to Tacoma for work. Thankfully, we’ve been good with money and the extra expense wasn’t too bad.

I managed to finish the novella One Con Glory by Sarah Kuhn.  My feelings on the novella are somewhat complicated.  I thought that the story was fun overall.  I think the current discussion on Fake-Geek Girls, certain trends of behavior concerning obsessions, and fandom.  I highly recommend checking out this story.

I returned home with said subway sandwiches and then wrote for a while.  The story I am currently writing is painful because of the subject matter.  Abandonment is something that always hits my heart, even if the exact subject regarding this specific case isn’t something that I’ve ever had to personal deal with.  I am glad that I decided to write this story, even if it does hurt like crazy.

I wasn’t certain if I was allowed to discuss the project, but I’ve been given the thumbs up to mention it. I’m currently working on a section for the Anarchs Unbound supplement.  I received some feedback from the draft that sounds like it will be a good deal of fun to write.

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