Story Acceptance: Yellow is the Color of the Future

I am very proud to announce that my short story “Yellow is the Color of the Future” has been formally accepted by the editors of the upcoming anthology Atomic-Age Cthulhu from Chaosium Books.  I had a blast writing this story, especially since I’ve always felt a weird kinship with Ed Wood junior.  This will be my third appearance in an anthology from Chaosium.

Other Appearances in Chaosium anthologies include:

The table of contents, in no specific order:

“Bad Reception” by Jeffrey Thomas
“Fallout” by Sam Stone
“Little Curly” by Neil Baker
“It Came to Modesto” by Ed Erdelac
“The Terror That Came to Dounreay” by William Meikle
“The Romero Transference” by Josh Reynolds
“Within the Image of the Divine” by Bear Weiter
“Names on the Black List” by Robert Price
“Yellow is the Color of the Future” by Jason Andrew
“Eldritch Lunch” by Adam Bolivar
“Professor Patriot and the Doom that Came to Niceville” by Christine Morgan
“Fears Realized” by Tom Lynch
“Unamerican” by Cody Goodfellow
“The Preserved Ones” by Christopher M. Geeson
“Rose-Colored Glasses” by Michael Szymanski
“Day the Music Died” by Charles Christian
“Putnam’s Monster” by Scott T. Goudsward
“Operation Switch” by Peter Rawlik
“The End of the Golden Age” by Brian M. Sammons & Glynn Owen Barrass

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