Queer Fish, Volume 2: Lay Down Your Hair

My gender-bending erotic fairy tale “Lay Down Your Hair” can now be found in Queer Fish, Volume 2.   My story involves a retelling of Rapunzel.

Anthology Teaser: Love takes a darker turn in our second volume of gay fiction. These 20 fantastical tales will take you from revolutionary France to the Souk of Dreams in Dubai, from a fairy tale tower to distant planets. Consumed (sometimes literally!) by desires for love, lust or revenge, these men – or their lovers – will employ any means to get what they want.

Including stories by Jason Andrew, Therese Arkenberg, Brian Bobowski, Keyan Bowes, Gregory A. Carter, John Dimes, Patricia J. Esposito, Willow Fagan, Eduardo Febles, Jeannelle M. Ferreira, Dan Hart, Zachary Jernigan, J. Lannan, Rose Mambert, Michael Penkas, Warren Rochelle, Nathan Sims, J. Daniel Stone, Michael C. Thompson, and Nghi Vo.

Cover illustration by PL Nunn.

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