The Extinction Files: The Honey Offering

My short story “The Honey Offering” appears in The Extinction Files anthology published by Alter Press.

This story was inspired by the various articles about zombie bees and bee hives disappearing and the theory about the role of DMT in introducing metaphysics to humanity.

I discovered that there are people who love bees.  Somehow I found that inspiring.


At the height of the nuclear scare of the 1950’s, President Truman commissioned the creation of The Extinction Files, a series of contingency plans created to counter every conceivable extinction event that could possibly threaten mankind.

The files sat in a secure location, collecting dust. Only The President and the Vice President, along with a handful of others, actually know of its existence.  Now, after decades sitting in silence, at mankind’s darkest hour, the  files are once again being re-opened and now man must face it’s ultimate destiny – Death or Survival.

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