Future Publication Round-Up

I have a number of short stories that shall be appearing in 2012 and 2013. I’ve made a list here to keep track of them.

  • “Murder on the Feng Shui Express” will appear in the Spring 2013 issue of Tales of the Talisman.
  • “The New Gods of the Lost Children” will be reprinted in The Dark Side of the Womb: Suffer the Little Children by Cruentus Libri Press.
  • “The Value of a Year’s Worth of Tears and Sorrow” will appear in Coins of Chaos from EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing in late 2013.
  • “The Day The Laughter Survived” appears in Shelter of Daylight from Sams’s Dot Publishing  in late 2013
  • “The Murmur of Lorelei” has been accepted for the anthology The Beast Within 3: Oceans Unleashed by Graveside Tales
  • “The Embers Burn, and Gentle is the Arrow’s Stinging” will appear in the anthology A Quick Bite of Flesh by Hazardous Press
  • “Lessons Learned From My 5th Attempt to Conquer the World” will appear in Stupefying Stories”
  • “Lay Down Your Hair” will appear in the anthology Queer Fish 2 from Pink Narcissus Press
  • “The Sky God’s Daughter” will appear in the anthology Daughters of Icarus from Pink Narcissus Pres
  • “The Honey Offering” will appear in the anthology The Extinction Files anthology by Alter Press.
  • “Zombie Walk” will appear in the anthology Nasty Snips II from Pendragon Press.

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