I Move The Stars For No One

It feels as though the stars themselves have magically aligned to allow for a time of healing and wonder. The last year had a number of challenges in my personal life. I always took a basic comfort in the idea that the universe didn’t care what happened to me and there was no purpose to anything other than what we created with what we had.

I think last year helped me grow as a person while delivering onto my bottom a good swift kick when it needed it. It is amazing how much patience I’ve learned without even realizing it. So much of my life, I’ve spent my time waiting for that perfect tomorrow ignoring that the present was fairly awesome.

My wife Lisa is blooming at her new job. The income eases some financial concerns, but more important she loves her job and feels that it matters. I see her happy to go into work each day and there isn’t a price you can put on loving your job.

Likewise, I love my current contract for the Mouse. Reconnecting with downtown Seattle has somehow revitalized my spirits. I feel young.

My writing career continues to take those slow baby-steps forward. I managed to meet all of my freelance deadlines this month and submit to a couple of anthologies that weren’t on my planned schedule. My fingers are very much crossed as some of these anthologies look like they will be awesome.

Neil Gaiman recently described how the freelance work really works.  Bats and Bones sketched out a circle graph highlighting the basics of the speech. I’ve posted it below.

I tried to take this speech to heart while I redoubled my efforts towards my writing career.  I sent out a number of queries letting Developers and Editors know that I am interested and eager for more work.  The results have been very positive.  I can’t go into details, but last night I signed a couple of NDAs for additional freelance opportunities. (I’ll make announcements on that when I am able. )  One of the RPG Developers told me that he would recommend me to others and that felt very good.

There are a number of potentially huge projects on the horizon and I have to use this patience thing I’ve learned or I shall go crazy.

My story “Recovery” appeared in IN SITU last week.  The anthology seems to be selling really well.

Here is the round-up for future projects coming out:

  • “The Murmur of Lorelei” has been accepted for the anthology The Beast Within 3: Oceans Unleashed by Graveside Tales
  • “The Embers Burn, and Gentle is the Arrow’s Stinging” will appear in the anthology A Quick Bite of Flesh by Hazardous Press.
  • “Lessons Learned From My 5th Attempt to Conquer the World” will appear in Stupefying Stories.
  • “Lay Down Your Hair” will appear in the anthology Queer Fish 2 from Pink Narcissus Press.
  • “The Sky God’s Daughter” will appear in the anthology Daughters of Icarus from Pink Narcissus Press.
  • “The Honey Offering” will appear in the anthology The Extinction Files anthology by Alter Press.
  • “Zombie Walk” will appear in the anthology Nasty Snips II from Pendragon Press

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