52 Voices: Stories of the Broken, the Lost, and the Dreamers

This week I am starting a new project called 52 Voices: Stories of the Broken, the Lost, and the Dreamers.

The plan is simple.  Once a week, I will interview one interesting person with an unique voice in an attempt to capture a single story about their life.  Said story doesn’t have to have strictly happened in order to be true.

Stories can be funny, sad, important, trivial, or anything in-between as long as it touched me in the right way.  I will interview the subject with my mighty audio recorder and write about the experience.  The goal is to attempt to capture 52 voices to share with the world.

If it is desired, I’ll use nom de plumes for those brave souls sharing stories.  Privacy will be respected.

Initially, I plan to poke people local to Seattle.  However, I will expand that as I am able to do so.  If you are interested in telling me a story, contact jasonbandrew@gmail.com with the subject: 52 Voices.

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