Zombie Erotica: An Undead Anthology About Sex

My story “Lucky Stiff” is a sweet story about a zombie that learns to put down his work and love the one he is with.  This is actually a fun little story and not any where as gross as it might sound.  And strangely, this is the only story that kind of mirrors my work as a technical writer and the weird sort of business that on occasion happens in the IT industry.  You can check out the book on Amazon here

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Teaser: What would it be like to screw a zombie? Would it be exciting, gross, or something in between? Would it be dry or slippery with pus? Ah, well those are  the questions up for debate, aren’t they? Think about it, the zombie apocalypse  has arrived and is in full swing, and a year later, you still haven’t been laid.  What’s a person to do? Become a nun or a priest? Take a vow of celibacy? Hell  no, how about going out and getting yourself a piece of undead ass. Remember  that little honey at work you had your eye on before the dead began to walk and  thought was out of your league? Well, now she’s one of the walking dead, and I  bet if you ask her out, she won’t say no. How could she? She can’t talk or think  anymore! So just because the dead rule the earth, it shouldn’t mean you’re sex  life has to suffer, and in this book are a few examples of how your sex life can only get better after the dead begin to walk. So get dressed in your best clothes, put on some smooth make-out music, and prepare to get busy, because  your undead date is about to arrive, and I promise you. . .she will put out!