Jake and the Dream Pirates

I’ve started outlining my next book.

I’m apparently not done with YA Fantasy fiction. The current title is Jake and the Dream Pirates. I’ve been getting plenty of fun ideas as I let it gestate. I even have a vague outline.

And the funny part is that it will be in the same universe as Abigail’s Dragon, but not use any of the main characters.

Kind of like how Anne Rice had the Vampire Chronicles and The Mayfair Witches. Only with much less velvet and homoerotic subtext. Right now, I’m mostly stuck on the protagonist’s name. Not sure Jake is just right for this. Lisa likes everything but Jake.

Jake and the Dream Pirates Outline:

Chapter One: My Heroes Have Always Been Pirates

Chapter Two: Race to the Tempest

Chapter Three: The Queen of Cats

Chapter Four: Return to the Land of Never

Chapter Five: Redhanded Jack

Chapter Six: Ninjas and Pirates

Chapter Seven: Shooting Flamingos

Chapter Eight: Tall Sails, Taller Tales

Chapter Nine: Maelstrom of Forever

Chapter Ten: Grimaldi’s Tears

Chapter Eleven: The Law of the Dreamsea

Chapter Twelve: Fathers and Sons

Chapter Thirteen: Second Star to the Right

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