Frontier Cthulhu

Frontier Cthulhu
Call of Cthulhu Fiction Anthology for 2007.
Frontier Cthulhu
CHA 6041
isbn 1-56882-219-7
Editor: William Jones
Cover Artist: Steven C. Gilberts

A New Land Founded upon Forgotten Horrors

As explorers conquered the frontiers of North America, they disturbed sleeping terrors and things long forgotten by humanity. Journey into the undiscovered country where fierce Vikings struggle against monstrous abominations. Travel with European colonists as they learn of buried secrets and the creatures guarding ancient knowledge. Go west across the plains, into the territories were sorcerers dwell in demon-haunted lands, and cowboys confront cosmic horrors.

Paul Melniczek: “The Long Road”
Angeline Hawkes: “In Waters Black the Lost Ones Sleep”
Lee Clark Zumpe: “Where Men Seldom Trod”
Lon Prater: “Something to Hold the Door Closed”
Stephen Mark Rainey & Durant Haire: “Terror from Middle Island”
Stewart Sternberg: “Children of The Mountain”
William Jones: “They Who Dwell Below”
Scott Lette: “Wagon Train for the Star”
Ron Shiflet: “Incident at Dagon Wells”
Rob Santa: “Ahiga and the Machine”
Jason Andrew: “The Deadman’s Hand”
Chuck Zaglanis: “Jedediah Smith and the Undying Chinaman”
Matthew Baugh: “Snake Oil”
Tim Curran: “Cemetery, Nevada”
Darrell Schweitzer: “The Rider of the Dark”

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