Into the Dreamlands final proofs have been sent to the publishers. They were delayed a couple of days while I waited for the cover for Twilight Temptations. Why would that matter? Marketing, marketing, marketing! I have an ad for Twilight Temptations in the back.

I’ve been busy working on marketing and lining up reviewers for Into the Dreamlands and trying to figure out the best place to buy ads, etc. I think the cover is interesting

Speaking of which, I know that there are many, many writers out there in LJ-land. Some of you even read my livejournal. 😉

Twilight Temptations opens for submissions on 6/1/2007. Sure, we don’t pay on the level of the big press companies, but we’re working on it. And hey, $25 isn’t too bad. I have high hopes. See the Simian Publishing website for more information at

I’m thinking of starting a Simian Publishing e-mail group, but I don’t know if we are ready yet. It might be a good way to grow more readers.

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