Now that I finished the first batch of corrections on Abigail’s Dragon, I can start reading a little bit more. I am half way through Twenty-six Lies/One Truth by Ben Peek. I’ll be posting a review later.

After that, I am going to delve through the Best of Fantasy 2005.

I’m working on finish two stories. I’ve started writing aiming for a particular market. It helps with anthologies. I don’t know that it will work for the pro magazines, but it can’t hurt.

“The Elixir of Tears” was intended for an anthology, but I missed the deadline working on Abigail’s Dragon. However, I have grand hopes that Realms of Fantasy will enjoy it.

“The Fisherman’s Wife” is intended for Fantasy Magazine. I think it would fit nicely there.

On a bright note, I can finally announce that I will have a short story titled “The Deadman’s Hand” in Cthulhu Frontiers by Chaosium. This cross-genre bending story features gamblers, mystical poker decks, and the Great Seattle fire of 1889. You can read more about it here.

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