This morning I have been running through the edits for Abigail’s Dragon. I’m very lucky to have a wife that is very insightful. If this novel does prove to be the breakout one, it will be because of her and her encouragement. I’m on page 200 and so I should be done in time to see Michael’s edits.

And here’s the funny thought of the day that tells me that I’ve read too much fanfiction. I started spotting where the slash writers were going to insert their own stories. It made me laugh. Of course, I have a fantasy story that includes the Wishing Chair. There’s all sorts of fun fanfiction possibilities with that one. If you don’t know what the Wishing Chair is, check out this link.

Seattle has so many cool little details like that. I think that’s partially why I fell in love with Seattle.

Anyway, that’s why I laugh whenever writers complain about fanfiction. JK Rowling has made enough to buy her own country and her stories are going to live forever. I think the fanfiction people have been a part of the commerical aspect of that success. This isn’t to say that the Harry Potter books aren’t good, but I doubt they would have sold anywhere near as well without the fanfiction writers.

I should be so lucky to have to worry about fanfiction.

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