I am still editing Abigail’s Dragon, although at a very slow pace. I’ve pretty much taken the last couple of weeks off. I think after the intense writing period, I needed time to recharge the batteries.

Sadly, Rage Machine Books has folded. I have stories in two of their pending anthologies.

One of them was a cute time travel story involving John Belushi and a future dystopian society titled “The Day the Laughter Survived.” I should be able to place that one.

“The Quality of Mercy” was a weird western story involving Jebidiah Heller for Welcome to Devil’s Gulch. I wrote this with the shared world in mind and now I’m somewhat annoyed that it is gone. I like the basic idea and I think I can rewrite it.

I’m slowly working through edits on Into the Dreamlands.

I am a busy writer as you can see.

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