I had time during my break today and I started brainstorming and free writing. I came up with a seven page outline for The New Gods of the Lost Children.

Considering that the first version of the story is only five thousand words, I figure that is impressive. I’m still coming up with many ideas. The basis for the story is still the same, but Elizabeth has to take a much darker, sensual journey. The ending came to me in a flash while eating lunch today. I’m very excited about it. At the same time, Elizabeth starts off the story as a much more broken character and has to make a spiritual journey.

I was also inspired a bit by a game that I play on Saturday nights. This game has an unusal mix of Yuppies and Ave Rats and the strange dynamic of the haves and have nots reminded me of when I have very heavy into the Seattle BDSM scene. There’s a weird symbiosis that develops between a group that has different social/economic classes. And so, I’ve figured out a way to incorporate that aspect of Seattle with Elizbeth’s story and actually make sense with the story.

I also found a way to include the backstory for another short story I wrote called “The Sound of the Dream,” the mystical tattoo artist Shelby, and the wicked magican Anton Morgan. I even figured out a way for the guy from the Girl in the Window to make an appearance.

Wow, I have a hard time thinking I’ll be able to come up with as much cool stuff for another novel, but we’ll see. I’m picking one idea a day and playing with it.

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