Abigail’s Dragon

I decided that I was ready to tackle full stage a novel. I’ve been able to handle novellas. I’ve written six over the last year. I finished the rough draft of the last Crossroads novella. I designed the Crossroads novellas to all fit together to tell a story, but it feels more like a 60k serial than a novel. I am going to sit on that for a bit and then revise. The first novella had sold. The second one is under consideration. Novella #3 and #4 need to be revised and edited. When all of them have been published, I’ll try to publishing them in a collection.

Since then I have given writing an actual novel a lot of thought. I started on my rewrite of Abigail’s Dragon. This is me basically restarting fresh and writing it out. I am going to try to complete this novel in two months.

I very much like the revised/revised opening. I think this will go very well. From the outline, I suspect this will be a good first novel, as it were. The first line is:

The world below appeared very small and the clouds tasted of cinnamon.

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