Three Day Weekend and To Do List

I just sent off the second to last story that I owe people. I am going to copyedit the last story and send it off this weekend.

Once that is gone, I can try to push through on the Highway West. The Highway West is a novel composed of mini-novellas/large chapters. I am in the middle of Chapter Five, but I have some of Chapter Six written. I expect I have around 15-20k words to go.

And then of course begins the hunt for publishers. While this was a good experience for me, my fear is that publishers are going to want more traditional pacing with smaller chapters. Still, I think it will represent a large step forward for me. For my next novel, I am going to go a more traditional route in pacing and number of characters.

The Table of Contents are:

Chapter One: The Land of Dreams That Never Were
Chapter Two: My Love is Vengeance
Chapter Three: The Alchemist’s Daughter
Chapter Four: Discovering Destiny
Chapter Five: Farewell to the Flesh
Chapter Six: Her True Name

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