Just because nick-kaufmann made a list, I have cut a snippet of dialog I am working on. If the characters are making fun of something on the list does it count?

Marty waved away his nephew’s concern. “If you are lucky. There are far worse things in heaven and earth, I assure you. And speaking of which, I’m going to have to teach you to shoot a bit.”
“That I can do. Poppa took me hunting a couple of times,” Nathan said defensively.
“Not quite the same, but at least you’ve shot something. Nine times out of ten if you get into a fight, it’s your fault. I’m just looking out for the random element. I think you’ll do ok, don’t worry.”
“Yeah, creatures from beyond want to taste my flesh.”
“And some of them will want a little more from you. And they won’t be taking you to dinner and movie first,” Marty added.
“Well, yeah, some of the creatures will want your essence in their progeny. But, we’re not exactly talking about attractive creatures here. You’d be better off as dinner.”
“If you tell me there’s a monster waiting to anal probe me, I’m turning around,” Nathan warned.
“Well, if you hear banjos, then you should run like a bat out of hell. Just in case.”

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