This weekend was the suck. Out apartment magnifies heat so we were miserable the entire weekend.

insatia did her best to keep us cool and entertained. On Friday, we saw Clerks II. I liked it alot.

Spoiler Cut
There was a term used in the movie that I had no idea was a racial slur. Which is too bad, because I would love to call all of my friends that. And since I love monkeys so much that I named my small press after Simians, you can guess which one it was.

Clerks II is about growing up and putting away childish things and embracing being an adult. It doesn’t mean you have to give up the stuff you love. I thought that was a nice message. There was a scene with a donkey that made insatia almost puke.

On Saturday, we went shopping and then saw the Lady in the Water.

I love this move. I can see why some people might not like it as much. Night cast himself in a role that proved to be far too distracting. Otherwise, it was perfect. It is the sort of movie that every writer wishes were real.

Afterwards, we stopped by the House of Pain party. It was nice talking to old friends. It really is funny how much there is a solid divide of Cammies and non-Cammies. I didn’t realize how large the gap was until I was a non-Cammie and saw them all mock the Cammies grouping together like a frightened herd. I had an enjoyable time and talked to people that I haven’t always gotten along with.

It was hard to sleep last night. I am dead tired now.

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