This weekend was a bit strange for me as a writer.

On Friday, I worked on “Elixir of Tears” for a while. I’m enjoying writing the sea battle. There are three or four magic pirate anthologies coming out so I am sure that it will find a home. I also went to see Superman Returns and have conflicted feelings about it.

Saturday, insatia and I had lunch in the U-District. We were talking and then I made an idle wish about freelancing full time if I could ever make $30,000 a year in writing. insatia started taking me very seriously and making plans and it scared me. I’ve worked as a technical writer for almost ten years now and I enjoy it very much. It has provided my family unit with a good living and given me plenty of time to also write fiction. And while, I did feel a bit bitter about my last job, my latest job has refilled my love of this profession. As much as I love fiction, I don’t think I could also give up technical writing. The security is good, but I also like working with technology.

I write about 1000 words per weekday. I also work some in the evenings and weekends. Granted, this current job allows me that freedom and my next one might not. But still, even at my last job, I could have used my time much better.

Before I started writing I spent a lot of time in LARPS, on-line gaming, and even World of Warcraft. There’s always time to write. I’m pretty happy doing both.

I recieved more feedback about my short story “The New Gods of the Lost Children.” This is now five votes for expanding it. It could be a novella. I’ll have to think about that.

I did some browsing of the YA section. The youth fantasy market does seem to be exploding wildly, which is very encouraging.

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