I feel pretty good about the progress on my various projects.

First, sasjhwa and I polished off the basic outline for the powers section of the role-playing game that we are working on called Crossroads.

I went through the list of submissions for the anthology Into the Dreamlands that passed sasjhwa‘s pass. I have accepted several submissions. The writer’s list is looking pretty good. I can’t wait to release the writer’s list.

I’m still going through the mounting pile. This time the problem is that the stories are too good. If you are in the slush pile, please be patient. We may have to do this anthology in two volumes just to contain all of the good stories.

I also managed to get my first wacko submission. It was a non-fiction submission and only 500 words. I directed the writer to the guidelines and got back a rather interesting rant. I can’t image that works as a whole getting your stuff published.

I wrote 1000 words into “The Strange Case of the Undead Alchemist.”

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