Edited: For spelling. I should know better than to post before a meeting.

This weekend went quite well. My lovely wife bought me a laptop and I never really thought that laptops could be that useful, until I had one. This weekend, I managed to get a bunch of work done despite going on a road trip.

“Fading Light From a Dying Star” has been copyedited and will be submitted soon to the anthology “Beyond Horror II.”

“If Love is not Madness. . .” has gone through the first round of editing. I should be able to clean it up and send it off very quick. Although, I have to admit that I am going to have to figure out which market to send this one too. This story is about a woman that has such an active fantasy life that it takes a hold of her life. It is very sexual and ends in tentacles. That said, it isn’t really a horror story. I’m thinking it more fits in with Dark Fantasy. So I’m thinking Cthulhu Sex Magazine might not be right. I will have to think about it after I edit the last three pages.

I managed to put in 2000 words into “The Strange Case of the Undead Alchemist”

I reviewed a couple more entries for Into the Dreamlands.

All in all, it was a very productive weekend.

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