I finished my short story “If Love is not Madness. . .”

Zokutou word meter
3,500 / 3,500

This is my current list of things to do and track.

I have the following stories still on my plate:

1. Future Environmental Story
2. Future Crime Story
3. The Sugarman
4. The Strange Case of the Undead Alchmist (Heller Novella)
5. The Fisherman’s Wife (selkie story about longing)
6. Big Redd (what happens to Little Red Ridinghood’s Child)
7. The Pit Stop War

I have the following stories out in the ether awaiting responses:

1. “Apprentice of the Mask” (Weird Tales)
2. “The Girl in the Window” (Paging Mr. Hitchcock)
3. “The Quality of Mercy” (The Devil’s Gultch)
4. “The Day That the Laughter Survived” (Time Flash)
5. “The Art of the Deal” (TABLOID PURPOSES III)
6. “40 Lashes” (Blood, Guts, and Pychopaths)
7. “In US, God Trusts” (Mind Games)
8. “On the Edge of Darkness” (Book of Dark Wisdom)
9. “Skin Dancing” (Wicked Karnivale)
10. “What You Need. . .” (Paging Mr. Hitchcock)

I have the following stories awaiting publication

1. “The First Principle of Power” will appear in Rage Magazine #3.
2. “Fresno by the Sea” will appear in the Grants Pass Anthology later this year.
3. “The Last Delivery” will appear in the Hell’s Hangmen anthology later this year.
4. “Lucky Stiff: Or How I Learned to Love after the Apocalypse” will appear in the magazine Escaping Elsewhere sometime this year.
5. “Fear and Loathing in Bat Country: Hunter S. Thompson Versus Dracula” will appear in Triquorum Two later this year.
6. “The 13 Steps to Hell in Maltby Cemetery” will appear in the anthology Room 636 later this year.
7. “The Sound of the Dream” will appear in the anthology Raw Meat later this year.
8. “The Highway West” will appear in the Lodestone anthology later this year.
9. “Geometry of the Soul” will appear in the anthology Arkham Tales from Choasium

I shouldn’t feel like a slacker, but sometimes I do. Thankfully, my wife is extra supportive of me.

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