Status Report:

My two future anthologies are doing well.

Seattle Stories received a small number of decent entries. I still need more entries.

Into the Dreamlands has had a larger response, but a good selection to choose from. I’m very excited by this as one of my favorite writers has said that she would send me a story. I can’t say who it is until the submission is made and the contracts signed, but I am very excited. Those of you working on stories will be very pleased.

I’ve been hard at work for my novella “Fading Light from a Dying Star.” I went over the plot points with sasjhwa and he seemed to like the story. I like having to stretch myself a bit. I’ve never narrated a starship battle before.

Work is progressing on The Highway West and Crossroads.

The only sad spot is that I lost my old rumpled book of ideas. I had a lot of fun ideas in there that I never got to do. I’m starting to actually get invites to anthologies instead of just cold submissions so maybe that means something.

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