Writing Update:

I managed to write and edit quite a bit this weekend. For a while, I felt like a story factory.

First draft of “Skin Dancing” completed at 2500 words.

Wrote 2000 words of “If Love is not Madness”

Completed second draft of “The Highway West” which peeked at 9500 words.

Completed second draft of the short story version of “Abigail’s Dragon.” 8000 words.

Completed second draft of the short story “My Love is Vengence.” 10,000 words.

I didn’t get a chance to work on the novel version of Abigail’s Dragon, but I am hoping to do so this week.

This weekend, I started reading two books. One of them is an anthology of Ray Bradbury stories. I’m really enjoying them.

The other is a book titled “Liquor” by Poppy Z. Brite. I was a big fan of Brite’s horror short stories. I enjoyed her novels, but they didn’t quite pull me in like her short stories. Liquor isn’t a fantasy or horror novel. It is about two chefs in New Orleans that are best friends/lovers that want to open a new restaurant. It was a quick read, which is a compliment and enjoyable. I enjoyed the characters, the flavor of the city, and getting a nice peek into a world that’s not my own. My only big problem with the book is that things just seemed to fall into the characters’ laps. Maybe, there are nice rich people in the world that offer to front businesses at the drop of a hat and take only 25% of the business, but none of them have ever talked to me.

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