I sent out more stories. There is something really special about actually mailing submissions. I have high hopes for “The First Principle of Power.”

Speaking of which, I have two submissions that have been out for a while. I have odd hopes for them. I really think that the last version of “the Girl in the Window” worked.

I have two more stories I am working on that involves dark fantasy erotica. Its kind of interesting, I seem to write in batches. The last batch was old school science fiction type of stories.

I’m making solid progress on Abigail’s Dragon. Changing the location from Queen Anne to Kirkland has really helped. I have a notebook of fun information. I think I will be finished in two months.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
15,000 / 60,000

It has been suggested that I try a couple of crime stories. I’m giving that some thought for the future.

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