I feel like I did pretty good this weekend. I finished off three stories and started two more. I think it helps me to make lists on this journal and to make goals.

I’m bound and determined to make a sale to Science Fiction and Fantasy magazine. I know that writing for one editor seems somewhat limiting, but it helps keep me motivated.

My rejection letters seem to be getting better. I’m started to get responses from the editor like “Decent writing, but I’ve seen too many of plot X lately.”

I started experimenting and sending in odder stories. The last one said “Great writing, but the magic restaurant story didn’t grab me. Thanks for submitting again.”

Granted, “What You Need” is kind of odd. There is an entire scene about eating burnt macaroni and cheese. But if they are remembering my submissions, they feels like it is a good thing. Well that, or my submissions have been so bad that they pass it around the office. I’m keeping the faith on the side of being positive. 🙂

I think next I am going to send in “The First Principle of Power.” It has telepaths and an intelligent monkey.

Neither of the two stories I’m currently working on seem like a good fit for that magazine.

The Sugarman Cometh: This is about a monster that takes human form and tries to feed on the dreams of children. My version of the boogieman.

Skin Dancing: This is about a tattoo from the mysterious Sheldon. Sheldon is an immortal that uses tattoos as a vessel for his magic. This character has appeared in two stories that should be published this year.

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