I wrote three stories today in outline form. Putting pen to paper is a good way to jog myself creatively.

I managed 500 words for “First Principle of Power.”

I copy edited two more stories for Gods and Monsters.

I think I am not going to Americanize the English of the three UK stories. It would change the mood too much. I think I am going to put this in the credits.

Publisher’s Note: We are very proud to include authors from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. To keep the mood of the stories intact, the editors have declined to “Americanize” the English spelling of the UK authors. We trust that readers on both sides of the Atlantic will be able to adjust.

The cover is brilliant. http://www.simianpublishing.com/Catalog.html

All of the authors in the anthology have been fairly solid about returning edits and contracts. There are only two pending stories that haven’t been bought. I’ve been trying to work with the writers. There was one story by a new writer that wasn’t quite up to spec, but the idea was really cool. I’m getting a little worried that he won’t complete the edits in time.

If not, I have s story that would fit the anthology perfectly, but I was a little worried about the whole backlash of an editor putting in his own story.

I feel like I am learning quite a bit each day and that is both terrifying and thrilling.

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