Sent out:

“The Girl in the Window” to Polyphony 5
“40 Lashes” to Red Scream magazine
“Art of the Deal” to TABLOID PURPOSES
“Apprentice of the Mask” to Weird Tales
“What You Need…” to Shimmer
“The Quality of Mercy” to Devil’s Gulch

I’ve been a busy writer.

I did a 500 words on “In US, God Trusts” and then I realized that I needed to do a bit of research.

I did 1000 words on “The Sugarman Cometh”

I also did 1000 words on “The First Principal of Power”

I have figured out that when I really don’t want to write and am fighting it, I need to keep switching projects. It jumpstarts me fairly well.

I’m working on an outline for Abigail’s Dragon. My wife wants me to tie Abigail’s magic to her first period. I’ve been doing some research on that, but it is traditionally an area of life in which most men try to learn as little about as possible. I based one of the characters on my cousin Teddy. I’m working on creating a good bad guy now.

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