“On the Edge of Darkness” was finally sent out into the ether today. I’m hoping it will find a good home.

sasjhwa and insatia both did a beta pass on “The Quality of Mercy.” Both had many suggestions. sasjhwa seemed to like the story. insatia hated it.

As it is a weird western tale with one foot in the Lovecraft mythos, I really didn’t expect insatia to hate the story quite as much as she did. Still, she gave me decent feedback and good insight. I think with another day will allow me to polish the story.

I had to delete the word special dictionary as it was corrupted and screwing up.

After I finish with this piece, I’ll have all of my close deadlines complete. The next nearest deadline I will have is March 15th.

So then I will:

1. Finish “The First Principal of Power”
2. Create the sample adventure for Deep 7
3. Finish the Talents list for Crossroads

I really liked the background I’ve seen with Arrowflight. It gave me a good story bunny.

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