I’m a little disappointed that the story I’ve been slaving over was rejected in less than twenty four hours. The title changed five times. The end result was “On the Edge of Darkness.” I wrote it for the anthology “From the Trenches.” Don’t believe what they tell you. Rejection letters are always painful. insatia gave the story one of her rare thumbs up. I think I will put it away and try revising it in a week or two.

I’m working in two shared world anthologies.

The first is called Welcome to the Devil’s Gulch. I’ve joined a yahoogroups list, but activity seems pretty low at the moment. I have a pretty solid idea of what I want to do. I’m working on a draft.

The second might be called the Freehold anthology. It is a fantasy anthology set in a shared world. The world has potential, but it is also in danger of sliding into generic fantasy world. Still, it looks like everyone is working on that. My story is about a Blacksmith that had discovered a better smelting process and becomes the target of a lot politic infighting.

I also have my Sci-fi horror story I’m working on.

The Highway West has been left to gestate a little. I plan to start writing again on it tomorrow.

I should have from 12/24 to 1/3 to write. I’m very excited.

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