Yahoogroups is really working out for the beta-readers. People can post their comments. I can make the changes, or not, and then post them back my folder.

I also created a private archive as a backup for my stories so I’ll have them in case of computer failure.

Taking advice from Joss Whedon, I decided that when I get stuck on a particular story, I jump to the next one. I was having a hard time with Undead Alchemist and Fresno by the Sea so I jumped to The Last Delivery. This is my third story with biker vampire hunter Rooster Brown. It’s based on an old story I did a long time ago.

I’m drafting an outline for a longer story about WW II, Nazis, and their attempt to crash the Great Barrier. This story should be the ultimate crossover of my stories. It involves a collection of fun characters including Will Aithne [the guy that eventually marries a dragon from Abigail’s Dragon], Jack Covell [Sentinel], Jeremiah Heller [son of Jonathon Heller and grandfather of Jacob Heller], and Eugene Brown [father of Jeremiah “Rooster” Brown.] Sadly, I can’t call it Inglorious Bastards because someone else got there first. I was thinking of the title “Blitzkrieg of the Damned.”

I worked out the backstory of the Heller family curse, which should be fun to use in a story sometime.

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