I wrote 1,500 words on “Darkness beyond the Stars.” This is fun because it deals with a character I’ve always loved named Marguerite Sanchez. It also has Rooster Brown and a couple of other personal favorites.

I wrote 2,000 words on “The Strange Shell Game of the Undead Alchemist.” This is also a fun story because it contains the Heller Detective agency from the Art of the Deal. It also handles the consequences of one my most bizarre and grotesque short stories titled “15 Inches.”

I managed to dig out a ton of files from my college days. I have the Crossroads files. While the game system was crap, I keep getting surprised at some of the gems I’m finding, which is good.

I also found a folder of poetry. I’m not quite brave enough to read through that.

I also have two stories that I think I can rewrite: 40 Lashes and Symbiosis. I’ve seen several adult horror magazines that would fit in with the naughty bits of these pieces.

I’m considering starting a website, but I don’t think I have enough out and published to really take advantage of it. Maybe in a month or two when some of the anthologies I have stories scheduled to appear in come out.

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