I’ve decided to take Michael’s advice and for http://www.nanowrimo.org/ I am going to try my third attempt at the Highway West.

About ten years ago, I had a bunch of themes, symbols, and ideas I wanted to work with. I came up with a wonderful title and excellent imagery. The problem was that I wasn’t old enough to write it and so like a lot of new writers I copied too much from others. The draft was ok, but it would never be great liked I wanted it to be.

The second time a year ago, I tried the same thing only from the point of view of different characters. It was my attempt at writing after a seven year lazy break. It didn’t work.

I’m taking elements from both previous novels and adding it to the Crossroads universe. It will work with the Crossroads stories I’ve been working on and getting published [So far four of the Crossroads stories have been published.] Some characters from the short stories will make appearances. It will start in Seattle, which has become my little Mecca in the Crossroads universe.

I’m really excited. I have a solid outline. I’m working out details in the plot.

And as it happens, Michael and I are working on a second edition for the Crossroads role-playing game so everything flows perfectly. I was worried about trying to do too much, but all of it works together.

This weekend, Lisa and I are going to run about and take pictures of Seattle. I’m using to use those pictures as inspiration for mapping out my Crossroads Seattle. I have lots of good notes.

Once all of the stories have been published and the rights revert back to me, I am going to compile all of them into an anthology called Gods and Monsters. I’m guessing that won’t be until next year though.

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