I’ve had to stop work on Apprentice of the Mask. The anthology I am writing it for isn’t due until December.

I have a week to complete a story for the CoC anthology. I’ve never worked in the Cthulhu mythos before, but I’ve always been a fan. I even figured out a way to make it compatable with my other stories. I’ve been doing research. Lisa’s geology class is coming in handy. I’ve been enjoying reading about the Pinkerton Detectives. If I can throw in a monkey somewhere, I’ll have a hit.

Other projects include:

Reworking the Highway West into the format I think would work really well. I figred out what the problem I was having before. This could be a lot of fun.

Finishing the Pit Stop War. I figured out a way to make it better and even more twisted.

There is a fantasy demon anthology I’d like to get into. I have a vague idea of a wizard versus a demon story.

I have an idea for the Justice Wears a Dress anthology.

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