Poll: Which of the following stories would you guys want to read the most? I’m trying to decide which one to do next. Which one would you want to read the least?

“The Last Delivery”
Rooster Brown, a biker, meets the ghost of a pony express rider and in order to free his soul has to deliver one final delivery.

“You Get What You Need”
The concept of this story is that a food critic hears a rumor about the best restaurant in town. He’s surprise he’s never heard of it and hears lots of wonderful things about it. He finally manages to go there and discovers that this place has no menu. The chef comes out and meets you and then makes you the meal that you need. Eating the meals is a strange sensory experience where you relive past experiences. Kind of a mystical therapy meal.

“The Apprentice of the Mask”
The bastard son of a noble house is given a chance to serve his father and his household in a way that he never expected as the apprentice of the house spymaster.

“Chorus of Those That Live Below”
A college student gets a summer job cleaning out apartments in tenement building for a slum lord. He discovers that maybe not all of the apartments were abandoned and that the cockroaches seem really intelligent. This is based on a true experience.

“The Pit Stop War”
Two clerks try to kill each other in a convenience store.

“In US, God Trusts. . .”
This story is set in a dystopiean, potential future where a reverend is arrested for breaking the state’s interpetation of God’s law.

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